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A New Beginning

Welcome to 1195 Pilot Car Service. I like many others was effected by COVID-19. Let me back up, I started by carrier path at the age of 14 when I joined a volunteer fire department. I returned to that same department after serving in the Marine Corps. Soon I was hired by a paid department and served there for 13 years before leaving to go into law enforcement. After 20 years in law enforcement I retired (mostly healthy) and started teaching for Louisiana State University, until COVID.

Never being one to sit around the house, I contacted my good friend of many years, Dave Ritchey from Anytime Pilot Car Service and he took me out to check out this job. Well here I am 3 months later, launching my website from my company I started 2 months ago. I have truly enjoyed every moment of the job and look forward to seeing what is around the next corner. I am learning every day, actually several times a day. I have met and worked with some awesome professional truck drivers and other pilot car operators.

Please follow my blog as I will start to post about jobs I have done and new jobs as well. Until then thank you and stay safe.

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