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A lot has been going on.

I know I have been slacking over the past few months here. I promised a lot more blog posts, but I have failed to figure out the easiest way to make this happen. So anyway, over the past few months I have been busy. I have been up to Utah, Oregon, Nevada and down to Arizona and all over California.

I have worked with some great professional drivers pulling several types of loads such as water tanks, D-8K dozer, Excavators, Refinery components and pavers to name just a few.

One of the better and more interesting jobs has to be moving hotel rooms from Mare Island (Vallejo) to San Francisco. Here we moved two rooms at a time. In just a short 10 days we moved an eight story hotel all at night. it was amazing to watch being being assembled.

Over the winter time I have stayed a little busy, but my bank account has noticed the slow down.

I can't wait to get back out on the regular basis.

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