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1195 Pilot Car Service is owned and operated by Rod Rifredi. After his stint in the Marine Corps, Rod worked in the fire service for  13 years. He then spent the following 20 years in Law enforcement. During his law enforcement time he worked predominately in the traffic unit as both an officer and a supervisor until his retirement.

After retirement Rod went into teaching at Louisiana State University until that was sidelined by Covid-19. Rod started 1195 Pilot Car Service where he utilizes his many years of education, training and experience in traffic management, safety and escorting.

Rod's approach to oversized movements is a team effort.With the driver in the lead, Rod will assist in ensuring the load is secured and properly marked, the route is reviewed with all parties involved and potential hazards are noted. During the move, the securement of the load is monitored for potential hazards and changes that may be made as well as roadway and traffic conditions that can effect the move.

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